Protego Invisible Oil
The Protego Invisible Oil was developed in our own laboratories in 2013 and introduced into the market in 2014.
This product has many special features meeting the present requirements from flooring markets in United States and Europe:
* Protego Invisible Oil is free from VOC -
* Protego Invisible Oil meets the requirements of ecologically conscious customers
* Protego Invisible Oil may be used by floor finishers and for industrial application
With Protego Invisible Oil, the grain of the wood will look totally "naked" maintaining the untreated colour of freshly sanded wood but will provide maximum protection against dirt and stains from liquids. Protego offers an Oil Refresher natural and white for cleaning and maintaining the surface of the floors.
We feel that the Protego Invisible Oil offers an interesting new solution with high ecological properties protecting the working and living environment.