Stone Cleaner

Protego Stone Cleaner
Protego Stone Cleaner is highly efficient Cleaner and will clean any type of ceramic tile, marble, granite, limestone, travertine, slate sandstone, concrete, and flagstone. It dissolves dirt, oil spills, mould and mildew from the surface and strips back to base.
Work Instruction:
1. Mix Stone Cleaner 1:1 with lukewarm water for thorough in-depth cleaning.
2. Apply solution to the surface in question and leave for a few minutes to dissolve dirt; then scrub and clean the wood using stiff nylon brush.  For large areas, a floor machine with green polishing pads or stiff scrubbing nylon brush may be used for thorough cleaning of surface. Rinse surface, possibly with garden hose if possible, remove and wipe area before leaving area to dry.
3. Prior to application of Protego Fibre Paint or other coating, make sure that surface is 100 % clean and dry.
4. If surface was extremely over grown with dirt, a second cleaning may be necessary. Repeat process under point 2.
5. Use rubber gloves and goggles for protection of hands and eyes. If eye or skin contact - rinse with clean water for at least 15 minutes and consult physician.
6. Rinse tools with water.
Disposal: residues and containers are disposed of in accordance with local government regulations.
Declaration of content: Water, biodegradable surfactants
Consumption: 1 litre to 20 – 25m2 area
Producer: Protego International Co. Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand.