Hard Oil Wax Natural and Colour

PROTEGO Hard Oil Wax
Natural, white and colour
Hard Oil Wax is fast drying and suitable for use on all untreated interior floors and woodwork in general. Hard Oil Wax offers a strong protection against fluids and dirt and produces a hard wearing surface. Hard Oil Wax is applied with a floor machine. The floor may be pre-oiled with Protego Oil or Colour Oil and Hard Oil Wax is then used as a top coat. Hard Oil Wax produces an extremely hard-wearing, water repellent and dirt resistant surface. It also enhances the natural grain of the wood whereas Hard Oil Wax white lends a white wash finish either to pine or oak. Hard Oil Wax is a fast drying oil and based on natural vegetable oil and wax. It is an open pore finish which does not crack or blister.  Apply oil to sections of approx. 20 m2 at the time. This allows enough time to work the Hard Oil Wax well inside the wood grain.
Work Instruction:
1. Make sure that the floor or woodwork is freshly sanded and cleaned with Intensive Wood Cleaner. Ensure that the floor is completely dry before starting the application of the oil. Moisture in wood should not exceed 12% relative moisture content.
2. Stir the can well and ensure that the wax is well distributed evenly distributed in material before application. Apply 1 litre of Hard Oil Wax to 10 to 15 m2 of floor with a short haired paint roller or brush. Let the Hard Oil Wax penetrate the wood grain for up to 15 min. Now work the material into the wood grain with floor machine mounted with beige or red pad. If Hard Oil Wax is used as top coat only, apply approx. 1 litre to 30 m2 of floor.
3. If not all material could be worked into the wood grain, scrape the excess material onto the next section of the floor or remove. Continue in this way till complete area has been coated.
4. Now buff the complete area with a white pad under floor machine.
5. After a 6 hour pre-drying of the area, buff the whole area again with white pad under the machine possibly with a small application of Hard Oil Wax to ensure a perfect finish of the wood.
6. Leave the oiled area to dry for 24 hours. Do not expose the floor to water during drying time. After 12 hours, the floor may be used with caution. Cover walkways with corrugated paper.
7. Use Protego Wood Floor Soap mixed with water for regular cleaning.
Risk of self ignition: sanding dust and oil wetted cloths and pads must be disposed of either by soaking in water or burnt immediately after use. Risk of self ignition.
Disposal: residues and containers are disposed of in accordance with local government regulations.
Declaration of content: vegetable oil components, natural wax combination
VOC content info: < 10 gr. per 1000 gr.
Consumption: 1 litre to 10 – 15m2 of woodwork
Original Danish formula. Produced in Thailand from 100% European raw materials at Protego's Danish co-owned factory.