Deep Cleaner A & Deep Cleaner B

Deep Cleaner A + B

PROTEGO Deep Cleaner A + B is a dual component solution which strips the wood of fungus and green growth effectively. Deep Cleaner is mainly used for garden furniture and decking boards. In most cases the products are used undiluted except for pine and oak. To prevent discolouration of the wood, it is recommended to dilute with water – 1 part of A and 3 parts of water.


Deep Cleaner A dissolves green growth, fungus and old oil applications bring the surface back to the grain of the wood. The next step would be Deep Cleaner B which brings back the natural colour of the wood.


The cleaning with PROTEGO Deep Cleaner A + B is easier and more efficient than sanding down the furniture or decking boards. The products will get into gaps and openings which are difficult to sand and this kind of stripping is fast and easy and brings your garden furniture or decking boards back to their natural colour.