Exclusive Oil Natural and Colour (WB Outdoor Oil)

Product Characteristics

PROTEGO EXCLUSIVE  OIL Through the particular composition of the Water based Oil Emulsion, a deep penetration of the oil into the wood surface is ensured. The oil dries and hardens when exposed to oxygen. Through the oxidization, the molecules of the oil expand inside the wood of up to 20 per cent  binding themselves to the cell walls of the pore system. Through this deep impregnation of the wood, UV- protection is also safe-guarded at the same time as the treated wood surface has possibility of breathing in its natural environment. Through the basic treatment with the oil, a silk-matt, hard-wearing surface is produced which also protects against dirt and stains. The oil also enhances the natural structure of the wood. The water based Oil Emulsion lends the wood a natural golden colour. The oil is well suited for the maintenance of already oiled surfaces which have been exposed the rain and sun. It builds-up the surface again and brings back the silk-matt finish in the upper layer of the pore system. Please read the application instruction on the label. Store the waterbased Oil in dry and frost-proof surroundings, out of the sun. Shelf life of product: approx. 3 years.