Natural Soap

Natural Soap

Soap is ideal for cleaning and maintaining of floors and other wood

Surfaces. Soap White is used for light wood species and Soap Natural for dark

Wood species.

Work Instruction :

A.      Daily cleaning is made with vacuum cleaner or broom. The frequency of
Floor cleaning depends on the wear on the floor.

B.      Soap White is stirred carefully before use. 11/2 dl. Soap is mixed into 5 ltr.
Of luke-warm water. It is recommended always to work with 2 buckets.
One with soap water and one with rinsing water.

C.      Clean the floor with minimum quantity of water leave soap water on floor

Briefly in order to dissolve dirt. Remove dirty soap water with hardwrung mop

or cloth and rinse out in bucket with rinse water.

D.      Always wipe floor with hard-wrung soap water on mop or cloth in order to

Reestablish the protective soap film.

Very dirty floors may be cleaned with Wood Cleaner and subsequently with
Natural Soap. Oil treated surfaces with heavy wear may be maintained with
Maintenance Oil after cleaning with Wood Cleaner.